The Best Days To Bet, Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Most of our subscribers ask, “which are the best days to bet?” While the answer is obvious,we’d like to explain why you should avoid betting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and why you should stake high on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I started betting in 2005 when betting companies were not existing in Kenya. I used to deposit my money via Western Union and bank transfer. During those days winning was easier because teams like Arsenal, Manchester United and Barcelona were winning all the time. But one thing that discouraged me much was the fact that here in Kenya no single betting company existed—I wish I knew how to start one! While I was betting, I learnt one thing—not to stake high during week days.

Statistics show that most gamblers make money over the weekend but lose throughout the week, from Monday to Thursday. The reason is that weekends have familiar games while week days have games mostly comprising of youths and friendly matches. The worst day is a Monday when most of the games had been played over the weekend and only few non familiar games are played on that particular day.

I have observed and analyzed weekday matches and statistics often mislead. You may find a team with 1.2 odd losing to a team of odd 7.8 and you wonder why. But my own imagination says the most serious matches are played over the weekend and when it comes to Monday matches, even if some team losses a match, they don’t feel any serious impact—they have nothing to lose.

We have major leagues like EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga and Primera Division. Statistics regarding various teams don’t mislead, which is why when you place bets based on statistics, you rarely lose. Matches for these top leagues are played over the weekend, and it’s on these dates you should stake high.

I always advise our clients to stake high over the weekend and skip some days during the week. In fact, a clever gambler does not bet from Monday to Wednesday unless matches from major leagues are being played. The worst games to bet for during the week are those belonging to women and youths—they can really disappoint.

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Nowadays it’s hard to win alone consistently.The best thing to do is buy betting tips and mix with yours to come up with the winning tips.