Hardest Courses to Study in Kenya


Most people prefer easy but marketable courses, but there are several hard courses in Kenya which are also marketable. In most cases, hard courses are marketable and attract few students. Most of the hard courses are found in the schools of Mathematics, Engineering, Health Sciences and Information Technology.

Research shows that 90% of the hard courses attract students who excelled in high school—the A materials while the soft ones attract average students. The irony of life is that the world rarely appreciates hard courses.

If you scored a D and below, there are courses you can’t touch in Kenya, such as Bachelor of Actuarial Science, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Computer Science.However, if you are good in history and humanities, you can be allowed to pursue courses like Law and Bachelor of Commerce.

For high school students who wish to enroll for courses in Kenya, there are some programmes you should avoid if you are weak in class—they are hard to pursue. The hardest courses to pursue in Kenya are as listed below:

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Physics
  2. Computer Science
  3. sc. (civil Engineering)
  4. sc. ( Electrical And Electronic Engineering)
  5. sc. Human Anatomy
  6. Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery
  7. Financial Engineering
  8. Mechatronics Engineering
  9. Actuarial Science
  10. Bachelor of Statistics
  11. Electronic & Computer Engineering

Some of the easiest courses to pursue in Kenya are those related to social science and education.