This is what happened to Raila When He Saw Uhuru Visiting Ruto Yesterday


There was loud silence at Raila’s office following a meeting between Dr William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta. Sources at Capitol Hill intimated to us that Raila had met Uhuru yesterday morning but he wasn’t aware the President was to meet Ruto.

At exactly 12 pm Raila was hinted that the President’s entourage is on its way to Harambee Anex,he called the president to confirm whether it was indeed true he was going to the DP’s office only for the President to ignore the call.

Few minutes later,one of the workers at Raila’s office saw hime sweating profusely as he foamed from his mouth.He called out,”Mzee,what’s happening?”Raila didn’t answer, instead he continued to sweat as he breathed heavily.When the aid looked at the screen,he saw pictures of Ruto and Uhuru smiling as they exchanged sweet words.

Few minutes later,Raila walked from his seat while clicking continuously.He silently sneaked into a an abandoned room within the building—we don’t know what he did next.

Today Joho,Aisha Jumwa and Ruto met.