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Teams to Avoid when Betting


When betting there are teams you must avoid if at all you aspire to be a winner. I have been betting for some time and realized that not all teams should be considered in single bets or multibets.

Before I start, let me narrate what happened to me in 2018.I like betting for English Premier League and on the fateful day,a top team was playing against a team that was slated for relegation. I knew that the team on top of the table must win and the odd was 1.39. Since I wanted quick money to settle a debt,I placed a bet of Ksh 20,000.After 90 minutes, I saw total darkness—the game ended in a draw and I lost a cool Ksh 20,000.That experience taught me one thing—not to bet for or against teams going for relegation.

Based on my experiences with betting, here are the teams you should think twice before betting for or against them.

  1. Teams going for relegation

When the league is coming to an end, teams that are going for relegation can really frustrate. I don’t know what happens but the energy they portray is out of this world. These teams can win against any big team and scoring them is next to impossibility.

As a gambler, it’s always important to ignore such teams especially when there are few weeks to the end of the league season.

  1. Teams with major tournaments ahead

A team might be strong but when they have a major tournament ahead, they tend to take their immediate game casually. For example, Barcelona might be having a Champions League match ahead and today they are playing against a small team in the Primera Division.

Before you place a bet, ensure you check the next fixtures for popular teams. If a team has a major game ahead, it will field weak squad which may lead to a loss.

  1. Teams with many injuries

Another case you should look at keenly is a teams with several injuries. For instance, Manchester City might have 7 key players injured, which means in any fixture they might lose.Even if a team has a big name, when it’s hit with injuries, chances of winning consecutive matches are slim.

  1. Teams that have already won the league

If a team has already won the league but has several matches to play, it’s dangerous to bet for that team. Normally, such teams field weak players because they have already achieved what they needed.

  1. Turkey, Israel and Australian teams

If there are leagues which you should avoid, its Turkey, Israel and Ausralia.The results for games from these three leagues are always unpredictable…sometimes fixed.

  1. International friendly matches

Avoid betting for international friendly matches involving countries—you’ll be disappointed .Statistics show that people lose more money during internationals friendly matches than on major leagues.

  1. When two major teams are playing against each other

You should also avoid betting for teams which have equal strength.I remember recently there was a match between Arsenal and Manchester United. Arsenal had lost 1-3 against Rennes while Manchester United had won against PSG.So everyone thought Manchester United would win the game against Arsenal—the result led to several suicide cases.

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