Best Foods to Eat to Have a Tight and Sweet Vagina


If you aspire to have a tight and sweet vagina, there are specific foods you should eat. Research shows that women with tight vagina are considered sweet, so it should be the aim of every woman to seek for foods that would help them achieve their bedroom ambitions.

For a tight vagina, here is a list of foods to eat:

  1. Plenty of sweet potato
  2. Red pepper
  3. Plant fats for better circulation and sex drive
  4. An apple for orgasms
  5. Soy to help decreasing estrogen levels
  6. Avocados for your womanly walls
  7. Leafy greens help decrease vaginal dryness

Make sure every diet is rich in greens. Greens ensure your vagina is dry, thus increasing friction between you and your man during sex. Friction is the ultimate parameter of sweetness during sex.

When you have some paper in your meals, blood circulation becomes perfect and the warmth between the legs increase. What a man comes for is warmth and it’s the reason he achieves ejaculation.

Sweet potatoes are also good, they ensure your vaginal walls get some tissues, which in turn increase fats around the wall, hence more heat.

An apple is also essential because it facilitates orgasm among women.