Raila Declares Support for Deputy President William Ruto


Former Prime Minister has today morning held a press conference in his Karen home and declared support for Deputy President William Ruto.

The Enigma shocked his supporters and family members after he publicly announced that he will support Ruto in his quest for presidency. Raila was accompanied by his confidant James Orengo and wife Ida Odinga.

What shocked Kenyans, though is how he begged Ruto for the Deputy President position.

“I acknowledge that Ruto supported me in 2007 but our victory was rigged. In the spirit of appreciation, I wish to support him for 2022 presidential elections. However,I seek to be his Deputy President”, his statement read

Over the past few month, Raila has been in the fore front criticizing the DP for condoning corruption but his latest moves has left many Kenyans speechless. Let’s wait and see what next!