Facts You Didn’t Know About Huduma Namba


Here are facts you don’t know about Huduma Namba—it’s neither Illuminati nor 666

(i) Mass registration exercise for NIIMS/Huduma Namba will be conducted for a period of Forty Five (45) days beginning 2nd April 2019.
(ii) Time for registration is from 7.00am to 5.00pm daily including weekends and public holidays.
(iii) Registration for Huduma Namba is MANDATORY.
(iv) During the mass registration exercise, all citizens and foreigners residing in Kenya MUST be registered.

(v) Biometrics taken are Fingerprints and Facial picture ONLY.

(vi) DNA samples will NOT be taken during registration.

(vii) A person who is not registered under the Huduma Namba program will NOT access government service.

Registrations that will be harmonized into ONE Huduma Namba include:

√ Registration and replacement of ID Card;
√ Application and renewal of Driving License;
√ Registration for Passport and Alien Card;
√ Registration for NHIF and NSSF cards;
√ Registration for Birth and Death Certificates;
Among others.
Registration officers and their assistants shall be moving door to door doing registration with Biometric tablets.