How to Withdraw money from Betway via SMS


There are two ways to withdraw money from Betway:1. Via SMS and 2. Login to Betway player account and withdraw online. Withdrawing via SMS is better when you can access the internet.

Here are steps to follow when withdrawing money from Betway account via SMS.

Step 1

Deposit at least Ksh20 into your MPESA account. This amount will be incurred during the withdrawal process

Step 2.

SMS “w#the amount you wish to withdraw#your Betway pin” to 29029. e.g. w#2000#12345

The number to send your message to is 29029 and please note that after the message is sent, you’ll receive a confirmation message from Betway that your withdrawal request is successful. You’ll then wait for 2-10 minutes for Safaricom to send the money into your MPESA account.

If you wish to withdraw money from Betway online, follow these steps:

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