Most Hated University Courses in Kenya


Which are the most hated/less popular university courses in Kenya? Well during course selection exercise the Education Ministry was shocked that some courses never attracted even a single student, others attracted only one student. But there were specific courses, like Bachelor of Medicine, Law and Architecture which every student wanted to pursue. As a student, you must question yourself why some courses are hated. The major reason is that these courses are not marketable, and students know that.

If you want to pursue a university course, please avoid the following courses, they might be scrapped in future.

  1. Theology
  2. Social work and community development
  3. Technology in mechanical ventilation and air conditioning
  4. Bachelor of Arts in peace and conflict studies
  5. Business administration
  6. (Aquatic resources conservation and development with IT)
  7. (Natural products)
  8. Development studies
  9. BA in Applied linguistics
  10. BA in Translation and interpretation
  11. Gender and development
  12. Geographic information science
  13. Childcare and protection
  14. Catering and hotel management
  15. (Hotel and restaurant management)
  16. (Information science)
  17. (Health systems management and economics)
  18. (Primary education)
  19. (Early childhood development)
  20. Environmental studies
  21. Theology
  22. BA in Biblical studies
  23. BA in Church educational ministries
  24. BA in Inter-cultural studies
  25. Pastoral Theology
  26. Theology with IT
  27. BA in Youth ministry
  28. (Environmental resource management)
  29. BA in Environmental planning and management
  30. (Animal products technology)
  31. (Fisheries and aquaculture)
  32. (Integrated forest resources management)
  33. (Animal science)
  34. (Soil science)
  35. (Water resources and environment)
  36. (Food security)
  37. (Horticulture)
  38. (Aquaculture and fisheries technology)
  39. (Environmental studies)
  40. (Human nutrition and dietetics)
  41. (Natural resources)
  42. (Bio-resources management and conservation)
  43. (Applied aquatic science)
  44. (Waste management)
  45. (Environmental science)
  46. (Geography)
  47. (Utilization and sustainability of arid lands)
  48. BA in Geography
  49. (Forestry eco-system management)
  50. (Parks, recreation and leisure management)
  51. Community development
  52. (Food nutrition and dietetics)
  53. (Aquatic resources conservation and development with IT)
  54. (Fisheries and natural resources with IT)
  55. (Soil Science and plant nutrition)
  56. (Agriculture and rural development)
  57. (Energy and environmental technology)
  58. (Events and leisure management)
  59. (Agriculture and enterprise development0
  60. (Dryland agriculture)
  61. (Agriculture)
  62. (Food and nutrition)
  63. (Food science and nutrition)
  64. (Forestry)
  65. (Natural resources management)
  66. (Wildlife management)
  67. (Environmental science)
  68. (Management of agro-ecosystem and environment)
  69. (Range management)
  70. (Water resources management)
  71. (Wildlife management and conservation)
  72. (Agro-forestry and rural development)
  73. (Health education and promotion)
  74. (Biochemistry)
  75. (Entomology and parasitology)
  76. (Agribusiness management and marketing)
  77. (Agricultural economics and resources management)
  78. (Applied Biology)
  79. (Biology)
  80. Bachelor of Science
  81. (Cellular and molecular biology)
  82. (Agricultural economics)
  83. (Conservation biology)
  84. Bachelor of agribusiness management
  85. (Botany)
  86. (Zoology)
  87. (Agribusiness management and entrepreneurship)
  88. (Agricultural economics)