How to Become a Millionaire as a Youth in Kenya—Do These Things


If you want to become a millionaire in Kenya while you’re a youth, there are key things to do. I guess you have seen several young Kenyans owning companies, driving big cars and influencing key decisions in the country, simply because they are millionaires. But one wonders, what is the secret? What did they do to become millionaires?

Of course I have not achieved as much as some of the things some youths have achieved, but I would say I have surpassed by targets. I would, therefore, like to point out crucial decisions and steps you should take for you to break even in life.

  1. Take risks

Most youths like to play safe, they don’t want to do businesses where risks are involved. As a youth, whenever you spot opportunities where risks are high, take it. Research shows that business opportunities where risks are high yield the best results. Since most people fear risks, the ones who take them stand out.

  1. Avoid self-destructive behavior

It’s because of alcohol, multiple girlfriends and too much partying that destroy people’s careers and decrease productivity. When you are aiming higher always ensure self-destructive habits are kept at bay.

If you talk to people who have achieved immensely in life, they will tell you one secret is that they avoided women, another one alcohol. These two things can slow down your success, hence leading to serious downfall.

  1. Start a unique business at age 20

Only youths who start business at age 20 make it to the millionaire list over time. Before you even complete university ensure you have a small business that’s running. The experience you gather from that business will help you get skills on how to run a unique business.

  1. Run for a political seat

If you believe in yourself, one of the things to do for you to become a millionaire is to run for a political seat. Currently, youths who are in politics are doing extremely well. In case you become an MP, you will develop useful connections that will help you start successful businesses.

  1. Avoid formal employment, if you have capital for business.

If you can afford capital to do business, please avoid formal employment. I can attest that monthly salary is so deceiving. Once you start earning, you enter comfort zone and eventually you forget about being self-employed. With a monthly salary, I can swear there is no single day you’ll become a millionaire, unless you become corrupt.

  1. Save before you spend

Another good idea I would like to unleash, please don’t spend before you invest. Whatever little you get, ensure you save first and spend the rest.

  1. Live below your means

I know life is sweet and when you have money, your heart must tell you to buy good things, live in posh neighborhood and drive fuel guzzlers. No matter how hard working you are, when you are living beyond your means, you can’t make it in life.

  1. Pursue a marketable university course

Successful life starts in school. When you do a course like Law, Piloting, Medicine or Architecture, your chances of succeeding are higher than that of someone with qualification in teaching. When you are joining college, fight to secure a slot in top courses. After graduating, you’ll secure a high paying job that will bring enough income to start a business venture.