Men in These Careers Are Likely to Infect You with HIV—Marry Them at Your Own Risk


If you don’t want to be infected with STD, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, there are men you should not get married to, especially those in these careers.

  1. Gynecologists

Gynecologists mostly deal with the reproductive system of human beings. If you meet a man who works as a Gynecologists and he proposes to you, please ignore the proposal. It’s almost impossible to find a Gynecologists who has never slept with a client.

  1. Long distance Truck drivers

The most careless people on earth are truck drivers. If you know your husband is a long distance truck driver then be prepared to treat yourself one day, start inquiring where ARVs are sold. Research shows that sex workers prefer truck drivers over other clients because they are easy to give money and their game is also good.

  1. Policemen

Policemen are also in the list. Though not all of them are bad, majority are not principled when it comes to matters of sex and relationships. One thing that makes police officers to be unfaithful is the numerous transfers they get where they are forced to leave behind their families. You can’t expect a man to live in hardship areas for one year without having sex!

  1. Massage room attendants

Never ever marry or befriend a man who works in a massage room, they will infect you with HIV.A year ago one Kenyan confessed that he had slept with 1020 clients in 5 years and he proudly said he slept with most of them without protection. Is this the kind of a man you’ll want to marry?!!

  1. Politicians

Politicians are among the most unfaithful human beings on earth. If you plan to get heart attack, just marry a politician and you’ll be shocked how many women will confront you because of your man. Politicians sleep with their secretaries, their fellow politicians and the people they employ. They mostly do so because they have too much freedom and money.

  1. Comedians

Another croup you should not trust are comedians. These people can even steal your wife while you are watching with your own eyes. Since there are humorous, women tend to love them and since they know they are adored, they end up sleeping with thousands of women.

  1. Pastors

Few centuries ago pastors were the pillars of the society in matters to do with morality, but not anymore. African pastors, especially those owning churches sleep with several women. They pretend to be solving their problem, women trust them so much until they share their secrets, finally they end up doing the thing.

  1. Footballers

Never trust a footballer, never. Footballers, whether rich or poor, have the habit of having girlfriend scattered all over. Footballers are the true definition of community boyfriends.

  1. Journalists

Lastly, one of the worst careers is journalism. Journalists are surrounded by thousands of beautiful women. If you are married to a journalist, you’ll cheat yourself to think that your man is faithful.