Why You Should Not Marry a Man Without Beards


If you spot a man without beards, never allow him to get closer to you—if you marry him, you’ll face the consequences. There are over 12 reasons given as to why men without beards do not make good husbands.

In Kenya most men without beards are found in Eastern and Central. In Ukambani, in every 10 men you meet, one naturally does not have beards and speaks in soprano.

Here are the reasons you should avoid men without beards

  1. Associated with bad luck

Men without beards are naturally not lucky, anything they try fails. Look around and see whether there is any man without beards who is exceedingly successful.

  1. They possess female genes

Some recessive genes in them belong to female species. It’s unfortunate that a man without beards possess some female attributes like speaking in Soprano, weak bones and gossiping.

  1. They are weak in bed

Since men without beards have weak bones, you can’t expect them to be strong in bed. A man without beards is a one-minute man—you can’t expect blood from a guava!

  1. May not give birth to boy child

Since he is weak in bed, it means he will only be releasing weak sperms, which are for girls. A man without beards will sire girls only unless a miracle happens.

  1. They are short and not masculine

It’s almost impossible to find a man without beards who is masculine, tall and strong. Most of them are short, weak and shy. There is no single woman who would like to be associated with a weak and shy man, never!