I have Dated my Husband for 2 Years on Facebook But He Doesn’t Know It’s Me, Here is What He Told Me. Please Advise Me


I am Stella and I have been having an issue since January last year. I started suspecting my husband that he is cheating on me.I created a pseudo account and called myself Lucy Msupa.I then sent a friend request to him

We started chatting on Facebook and all over a sudden we started dating online. All along we have been exchanging sweet words. It even reached a time he started sending me money for hair and makeup. At one time I cheated him that I had been chased from college and that my father is sick. I asked him to send Ksh35,000 to me so that I can clear fees. He sent the money…I use my friend’s phone to collect money from him.

Last week he sent me Ksh 10,000 for my air ticket. It was Easter holiday and he wanted us to meet so that we can formally know each other. On Wednesday I sent a Friend who lives in Narok to go and meet him. The problem is that they finally met and my friend sent me pictures of their meeting. What is funny, on the material day, he cheated me in the house that he was going for a trip to Mombasa, yet he was to meet me.

What irritated my husband is that my friend did not accept to sleep with him, they met and she informed him that she was on periods. My husband returned to the house angry, that evening he didn’t eat my food.

Today morning we started chatting again but he wasn’t in good mood. He insisted we must meet. Please advise me what to do?