Do Fixed Football Matches Exist in Kenya


If anyone tells you that fixed football  matches exist in Kenya, that person is a conman. Fixed matches do not exist in Kenya, only that people want to con innocent gambler.

In 2010 while I was placing my bets with UK betting companies one individual cheated me that he had one fixed match and that I give him $50.That time I was naive, I believed the man because he had showed me bet slips where people had won up to Ksh1 million with their fixed matches. After I sent money, I was given a match between Arsenal and Manchester United. The scores, according to the man, would be Arsenal 2 Manchester United 1. When the game ended, the scores were 1-3.I tried to contact the man but he had already blocked me everywhere. I was left in tears.

While trying to search for 100% accurate betting tips,I have been scammed severally, but there were individuals who were honest enough to inform me that their games were analyzed, not fixed.

About 3 to 5 decades ago fixed matches existed in plenty and people used to get access to them but since football associations introduced strict punishments for the culprits, the idea of fixed matches fizzled out. Nowadays, of course there are fixed matches but the cases are rare. To get access to a fixed match, you must be an insider, not just any stranger.

In Kenya most people who provide betting tips live in slums and are struggling in life. They are so many in Telegram and are trying to woo gullible Kenyans into buying their idea that fixed matches exist. I know, to buy one fixed match can cost up to Ksh100,000 and not any ordinary person can buy, I fact no Kenyan will be allowed to buy such matches because they can reveal the secrets. How on earth can you expect a person living in Kibera, operating a Telegram account get the fixed matches from?

One strange thing about these people is that they ask for unrealistic amount; someone will come to you that they have fixed matches and ask for Ksh5,000 to deliver 2 games. When the results don’t go their way, they block you.If you spot a person asking for Ksh5,000,Ksh 10,000,Ksh 20,000 or even more for a single day tips, that is a sign they are conmen.

In the past I subscribed to several predictions sites and none was 100% accurate. To be honest, those who claimed their matches were fixed performed dismally. I came to realize the best sites are those who frankly state that they offer analyzed matches, like Venas News.Venas News is one site you can rely on because their games are 90%-100% accurate. When you approach them, they will always inform you that their games aren’t fixed but analyzed.

Before you subscribe to any site, ask them whether their matches are fixed or analyzed. If they tell you they only have fixed matches, those are scammers. Again, try to call them, most of them keep changing their phone numbers, some don’t even have phone numbers you can contact.

Venas News phone number is 0722927138 which you can call any time of the day. Before you subscribe, you can call them and get all the information. They charge Ksh1,000 for well analyzed betting tips. They have two categories, VIP and regular. For VIP tips the games are 99%-100% accurate while regular tips have accuracy ranging between 90%-100%. You can decide which category to join. To make the payment for these tips you use MPESA till number 705909 by following these steps:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh 2,000,Ksh1,000)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send

Venas News sends betting tips via SMS,there is nothing like login in to the email and get the games there. Even if you don’t have internet you can still bet.