Top Kenyan Politician To Visit His Witchdoctor in Nigeria Again After Juju He Was Given in 2018 Failed Him


A Kenyan politician will fly to Nigeria in May to meet his witchdoctor. The politician, who is fond of using juju against his opponent is reportedly frustrated after the juju he was given failed him in 2018 and caused untold suffering.

The politician spent a whopping Ksh 10 million which he delivered to the witchdoctor through proxies. He was promised that the juju will help him win elections unfortunately he became a distant second.

The politician is also suspected that he sacrificed his close relatives for him to get political seat,but despite all he did, he has never won.

Close friends and family members are worried that a tragedy may strike his family again if he goes to Nigeria for the last time. We are told he will spend Ksh20 million to obtain the strongest juju ever.

If you see a Kenyan politician flying to Nigeria in May, that’s the one we are talking about.