Boost Your Career by Passing VMware 2V0-622 Exam with Prep Materials from ExamSnap Online Platform


Do you want to advance your career as a VMware Server Professional? Are you preparing for VMware 2v0-622 exam? If yes, then this article has all that you need to know. You will get all the information about the VMware 2v0-622 Exam, fees, study material and study strategies which will help you in your preparation and will also help you in passing this exam.

The Definition of VMware 2v0-622 Exam

VMware 2v0-622 exam is taken to check the candidate’s knowledge and skills to configure install and manage the vCenter Server, virtual machines and ESXiHostswith the appropriate VMware tools. This exam is a proper check of whether or not the candidate is eligible to be the certified professional and can work for the companies or the customers.

If you want to be VCP6.5-DCV certified professional then you must pass this exam, however there are another exam you can pass to get the same certification which is 2V0-622D.

Other Important Things to Note

The other things that the student needs to know about VMware 2V0-622 exam are ExamSnap Vmware:

  • Exam Pattern

The candidates will be given 70 questions. These will be multiple choice questions and the candidates have to solve all of these within 105 minutes. The question paper will be graded on a score of 100-500 where the candidates need to score at least 300 marks so that they can get certified. The questions asked are a mixture of practical as well as theoretical questions. Hence for a candidate to pass this exam, he or she needs to have complete knowledge of the subject.

  • Eligibility

All the candidates above the age of 18 years are eligible to sit for this exam. The candidates who have some experience with the VMware servers or have worked as IT professionals before will always have an upper hand in this exam. however, any student with basic qualifications, who wants to learn about the exam, can register him or her.

  • Fee

The students will pay $250 USD while registering and scheduling the exam. The fee will differ from country to country and can be checked while filling the registration form. The candidate can give the exam if he or she does not qualify in the previous attempt. However, they will still have to pay the fee to schedule the exam again. The exams will be held in the centers provided by VMware.

  • Languages Available

VMware 2v0-622 exam can only be taken in one language and that is English. The books and the study material are also available in English only.

  • Who Should Give

A candidate who has the following qualities is perfect for this exam:

  1. At least six months of experience of working with the vSphere implementations.
  2. One year of experience in the IT industry and as an IT professional.
  3. If the candidate does not have an experience, he or she should have the knowledge of installing, configuring, managing and monitoring the vSphere solution.

The candidate should also be well aware of all the things that will come in VMware 2v0-622 exam and how he or she can use it in their work.

There are some subtopics also given to these main topics that can be downloaded from the website.

In addition to this, one should possess the certification of the associate level, having taken 1V0-701 exam and getting VCA-DBT (Data Business Transition credential). This certification exam is a real jumpstart for gaining other certifications within VMware career path.

After this step one should pass either 2V0-620 or 2V0-602 foundations exam which is the first part on the way to getting VCP-DCV credential. The choice depends on the environment you are going to work with: 2V0-620 if you take vSphere6 or 2V0-602 if you choose vSphere 6.5.

Study Material

The study material can be bought in the following forms:

  • Books and e-books

You can buy the books as well as the e-books at the VMware Press. These books are specially designed for the VMware 2v0-622 Exam and have all the topics that you need to cover in your studies. And for the best books and more related things you need to visit ExamSnap website as well, as it is one of the best resources announced by some of the top notch industry professionals. I personally suggest you to get the exam dumps and more related things from this website. For example, at ExamSnap you can get a study guide for 2V0-622 exam for about $24.

  • Online Courses

There are numerous websites online that offer online courses like ExamSnap that can be bought and studied whenever you want. You will get the study materials, lectures and practice papers which you can use in your preparation for the exam.

  • Instructor-Led Training Notes

You can also join an instructor-led class that will give you a detailed training for this exam and you can obtain some notes from your teachers who are experts in this subject. This is the best training for the people who are new to this area and want to understand it from the basics.

How to Prepare Depending on Your Schedule?

Since most of the people who prepare for this VMware 2v0-622 Exam are working professionals, they do not have a lot of time to give into the preparations. Hence they can opt for different types of preparation strategies. For the people who are very busy and have some knowledge of the topic, self-help books and self-study is the best option. You can do your preparation at your own pace and will be able to learn however you want.

Some people also prefer training given on the VMware website and also the free webcast that is really helpful in the study.

The best way to prepare and revise is by solving the question papers. These practice papers can be taken from the VMware website as well as ExamSnap. This online platform offers the most updated exam dumps carefully checked by IT experts. This fact washes away all the doubts about the quality of the received material. In addition, the files are available in.vce format and you need the VCE Simulator to open them. The benefit of such preparation is that with the material from ExamSnap, you’ll get the preparation which simulates the real exam environment. It means that on the exam, you’ll feel yourself confident and be able to manage your time correctly.

To sum up, the VMware 2v0-622 test is a tough exam and can only be passed with hard work and dedication. Hence make sure you do not fall for the fake advertisements that say things such as 100% success guaranteed and much more. These are just frauds that are trying to take your money. To pass the exam on your first try, use the materials mentioned in this article and remember to visit ExamSnap website as well. So, work hard and clear 2v0-622 exam with top grades.