Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in Kenya


When it comes to Bulk SMS Services, you need to have a reliable company that can send up to 100 million SMS within a short time, this service needs the best bulk SMS service providers in Kenya.

Bulk SMS is mostly needed when a company intends to send massive number of SMS at once or within the shortest time possible. Using your phone to send millions of SMS can take you months but with an established bulk SMS system, it can take few seconds.

If you have company products you wish to promote by sending SMS to clients or you have subscribers who need your services in form of SMS, below are the best companies to contact.

There are many reasons I pick this one as the best but the most important is the efficiency in which they do their thing; I have tried many companies but this one beats them all.

  1. Africa’s Talking

Africa’s talking is the second bulk SMS service provide in Kenya you should contact. The company has numerous clients and it has been in-existence for almost a decade. Their cost range between Ksh 0.4 to Ksh 1 per SMS.

2.Advanta Africa

Advanta Africa has branches in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It’s one of the most reliable SMS service provider in Kenya. Though they have not indicated on their website how much they charge, we can reveal that their charges range between Ksh1,4 and Ksh 1 per SMS based on the volumes you buy.

3.SMS Leopard

SMS Leopard is one of the most popular bulk SMS provider in Kenya. The company was established in Kenya a couple of years ago and it has since taken the Kenyan market by storm. Though it’s not 100% efficient, subscribers can send SMS in millions when their systems are in perfect condition.


Assuming you have 100,000 SMSs you wish to send to people at once, Movetech is one of the most reliable companies to contact.

Movetech is a young bulk SMS service provider but is one you can rely on. Some of my friends have used their services and they intimate to me that they aren’t complaining.


Oramobile is another company you should not ignore if you want bulk SMS services.

The first thing you should check when approaching a company for bulk SMS services is the stability of the system, luckily Oramobile is stable. They are also relatively cheap, which puts them in a pole position to attract as many clients as possible.


Closing the list of best bulk SMS service providers in Kenya is MSpace.This company has established itself in Uganda as the best in its industry and its entry into the Kenyan market shook the industry.It’s both reliable and cheap.