Kenyan Woman Kills Her Elderly Father For constantly Asking When She Will Be Married


Nyeri is mourning today after a short and hot tempered woman killed her elderly father for constantly asking when she will get married.

Nyambura, who works at a nearby salon, had overstayed in her father’s home, prompting the father to ask her regularly when she will get married. The 38-year-old is the only one among the old man’s children who is not married. Mr Karanja,her father had become extremely anxious to know what was the problem and every morning he would wake up, greet Nyambura and ask about the progress.Unfortunately,Nyambura has  never been amused by the constant question.

Yesterday morning as she was preparing tea, her father entered kitchen and asked her the same question(“we want to see mzee,we want to see children” ),Nyambura became furious and started arguing with the father. She was overcame by emotions and ended up pouring hot tea onto her father’s face.Mr Karanja collapsed, he was rushed to hospital and died on arrival.

Funeral arrangement has started and Nyambura is nowhere to be seen.