Who is Cyrus Oguna


Cyrus Oguna is the new government spokesman in the Kenyan Government. His full names are Colonel(Rtd) Cyrus Odhiambo Oguna;

Below are brief details of Colonel(Rtd) Cyrus Odhiambo Oguna;

1)He was KDF spokesman at the onset of Linda Nchi Operation. 2011-2013.

2)Served as Joint National and Resource mapping Project Spokesman.

3)Served as Defense Advisor/Attaché at Kenya High Commission in Tanzania. 2014-2017.

4)Headed KDF’ Intelligence Training School.

5)Colonel Cyrus holds a Master’s of Arts degree from The University of Nairobi,a graduate of the Prestigious National Defence College,Kenya. Currently, he’s pursuing a second master’s degree In International Relations at UoN.

He replaced Eric Kiraithe as the government spokesman on 7 May 2019.