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How to Search for employment in Kenya


There are several techniques to use when searching for employment in Kenya. If you are green in matters of job searching, you’ll remain jobless forever.

I remember in 2007 while I was still searching for a job, I was not familiar with the very methods used by jobseekers to get employed. Relatives often told me, “bring your CV so that I can give my friend”, I waited until today. There are also others who wanted something small so as to employ me, they ended up hurting me. In the process I learned several lessons, one of them being not to depend on relatives.

If you wish to search for employment, here are the techniques to employ:

  1. Blind applications

It’s not always that companies advertise jobs whenever they arise, sometime they might have vacancies in their offices and only employ people who make blind applications. I actually, got my first job through blind application.

Blind applications are job applications done to companies even if they haven’t advertised for any vacancy.

For a fact, more than half of employees in Kenya got their jobs through blind applications.

  1. Referrals

When you are searching for employment, make sure the people around you know that you are jobless and actively searching for employment, that way they’ll refer you to wherever they hear of opportunities.

Referrals can come from friends, relatives, former workmates or former college mates.

  1. Attend seminars

Some recruitment companies organize frequent seminars in colleges and offices in major towns. Whenever you hear of related activities which do not require attendance fee, present yourself there and whenever opportunity arises for you to state your case, rise and do it perfectly.

  1. Internships

If you are offered internship at a particular organization, make sure you do your work perfectly, make sure you impress your bosses and your colleagues.

On this earth, there is no way you can start from the top, you have to begin from bottom and when it comes to employment, being an intern is the right step towards achieving your career goals.

  1. Reading Job listing blogs

While newspapers provide a source of job opportunities, most of the vacancies are not listed on our dailies but on job listing blogs. Identify main job listing blogs and make applications on daily basis.

  1. Drop your CV in physical locations of company headquarters.

In most cases human resource personnel don’t read all the applications made online, but when you meet them physically, they see that you are a serious jobseeker. This technique worked magic for me 10 year ago. I was jobless and I decided to go to one company in Athi River. After meeting the HR Manager, I was offered a job—he admired my energy and determination.

  1. Volunteer

Another method you can use is to volunteer. As a graduate, we understand that you need upkeep money, but if you are desperate, take a volunteer position and prove yourself. A good company will employ you afterwards.

  1. Apply where there is massive deaths or retrenchments

Rif you have heard that a particular company has lost employees through tragic accident or a certain misfortune, rush to apply for a vacancy in that company. Also, whenever you hear that a company has fired many people at once for various vices, rush to apply.

  1. Drop your CV in recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies may require some fee before you drop a CV, but before you commit yourself, make sure you learn whether it’s a genuine firm or a scam. Before you pay, first take your CV to companies accepting CVs for free.

  1. Employ yourself

The final and most important point is to employ yourself. There are numerous business opportunities that require small capital to start. It’s not a must to get a white collar job,if you have passion for something, go for it.