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“Mimi Napenda Vitu Nono na kubwa,”HeTold my Wife as I Listened and This Happened!


Mwnaume kulia amekosewa.I never expected to see what I saw last month when my wife decided to betray me.

Mimi naenda kutoboa yote.Last month I managed to visit my parent in wote.I had stayed for 6 months without seeing my mother so I had to make sure I had fulfilled my promise. My wife was to accompany me to the village but on that day she claimed she was sick and excused herself. I decided to go with my children so that she can get time to visit hospital.

She escorted me to the stage and I boarded a matatu home. My wife said goodbye and we parted ways.

I arrived home safely but after few minutes, my boss called me saying she has been called to attend a meeting in Mombasa and I must be in the office to process payment for the trip.I called my wife to tell her about the latest developments but she didn’t pick. So I decided to leave the kids at home with their grandmother as I hurry to satisfy my boss.

I arrived in Nairobi late hours and before I even knocked on the door, I head my wife scream, ”oh my,waaaao”,then a man roared,”mimi napenda vitu nono na kubwa”.I moved closer to hear clearly only for my wife to shout again,”tuweke mattress chini ndio ikuwe tamu zaidi”.

My trouser started shaking and my brain disappeared for a while.I wanted to kill someone. I hit the door hard as I shouted,”nani?!!!”.Within no time, a man rushed to the door wearing a vest and a short and checking clearly it was my neighbor who works with the county government. On realizing I was the one,he wrestled my small body and managed to overpower me.He then rushed outside and disappeared.My wife followed him.

The left me there,my heart was bleeding and I was in great pain.Then after few minutes,my wife wrote me this message,”wewe hata sio mwanaume,nimeenda”

The following day I went straight to the man’s house and found my wife sitted there. That’s when my wife told me life life,”hata mtoto mmoja  si wako na huweziniona kwako”.

I decided to leave them there and walk into my house empty handed.

The following day I went to my office and did the transactions my boss wanted and return back home.While at home,one of my neighbours told me my wife had relocated to another estate with the man.I called her but she didn’t pick my call.I decided not to call again but to sort the issue once I had arrived in Nairobi.

It’s after three weeks of being lonely while my wife was being eaten by a man who did not sow anything that I discovered I can bring her back without force.One shopkeeper,on realizing I was suffering gave me the following details to call:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

Without even thinking twice, I called the doctor who invited me to his office.On a Wednesday morning I went to his place of work with details of my wife and the man who wanted to snatch her from me.We then had three hour meeting with Dr Mugwenu where he told me to wait for one week to see results.

A week later,that’s on Friday last week,my wife came home crying for forgiveness.She revealed me that the man’s private parts completely refused to function and had shrunk like those of a baby.My wife had also not gone for short call for 2 days.She told me to forgive her and promised not to cheat again.That’s when I called Dr Mugwenu and told him to undo what he did.

On Saturday last week,the man also called me to ask for forgiveness.He claimed his thing had started growing continuiously like a mushroom and she was fearing for his life.what he gave me set him free,I am now a happy man after the sweet revenge.If you have marital issues and you suspect your wife or husband is cheating on you,call  +254740637248 and you’ll see miracles!