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High Risk Business Opportunities That Will Make You a Millionaire in Kenya


There are numerous high risk business opportunities you can do in Kenya that can make you a millionaire. Its’ evident that most Kenyans prefer low risk investments which in the long run aren’t profitable. For you to stand out in the business world you have to come up with a unique product regardless of how risk that product is or not.

Even as most of us believe that most businesses have been flooded, there are a couple of businesses you can venture in, here is the list:

  1. Selling gold

Selling gold can put you in trouble especially if the gold you are selling is not genuine. The business can also make you the target of kidnappers. But a single transaction can make you a millionaire.

On top of selling gold, you can also sell products derived from gold.

  1. Recruiting Kenyans to Middle East

I have personally seen a friend rise from being a beggar to owning a multi-million apartments in Nairobi. The guy has a recruiting agency which links job seekers from Kenya to employers in the middle east.

The man charges Ksh80,000 to Ksh150,000 per head. In a single month, he connects 20 to 50 Kenyans. If you do your math, you’ll notice that he makes upwards of Ksh2 million per month.

This business is, however, risk because you are connecting Kenyans to strangers. In case anything happens to the Kenyans you’ll be answerable.

Online Dating services

Online dating services can be a good business opportunity for people who like taking risks. This is untapped business opportunity in Kenya but you should be prepared to face legal charges for dating related cases.

  1. Matatu business

As much as matatu business is risky, there are several Kenyans who have succeeded in this industry. The problem with this business is that you’ll share your profits with police officers, conductors, drivers and several other people. But with efficient management system, you can manage to reduce leakages and end up becoming a millionaire.

  1. Currency trading in the black market

Most people avoid exchanging currency in the forex bureau because they don’t get what they deserve. While that’s the case, there are several people exchanging currencies in the black market. If you live within Nairobi, start this business within CBD and see how you’ll become a millionaire within a short time.

  1. Shylock business

Shylock business is hot cake though it’s competing with mobile money Apps.If you can be able to give loans with interests ranging between 2% and 7 %, you’ll make millions within a short time.

  1. Betting company

Betting industry is giving birth to several millionaires, it has even forced the government to control this industry because many Kenyans are being addicted to the game. As an entrepreneur, this is one business you should think of starting.