Kayole Tenant Evicted After Impregnating Landlord’s Wife and Daughter at the same time


A tenant in Kayole was evicted today morning after the landlord discovered that the cheeky man had impregnated his wife and daughter.

The landlord, Mr Njoroge, was in India for cancer treatment and left his wife to take care of the apartment. Onyango,the culprit had just completed college and was living in a tiny one bedroom house. He seized the opportunity and managed to win the hungry landlord’s wife. Unfortunately, the wife got pregnant.

Before he slept with the landlord’s wife, he was dating his daughter, he unfortunately impregnated her.

When Njoroge arrived from India last week, he found his wife and daughter pregnant, upon interrogation, they confessed that Onyango was the cause.

Yesterday Njoroge brought security to forcefully evict him, but his family is heavily pregnant.