Is Aim Global Legit or a Scam


]Aim Global is a known scam which targets ignorant Kenyans. The company has been in existence in Kenya for more than 3 years and ever since nobody would claim has benefited from it.

How to join Aim Global Kenya

One of the AIM Global members would approach you with sweet stories, he will then tell you to purchase a Global package at Ksh 23,000. A significant proportion of that amount will go to the person referred you to the company. In essence, the Ksh23,000 you paid is payment to the person referred you to AIM Global.

After buying the package, you will be required to sell the items to your people. But it’s not easy to sell AIM Global products, in most occasions the members fail to sell and instead end up using them.

What surprises many is how AIM Global people dress, they dress to kill, creating an impression that they are doing well in life while in the real sense they are suffering.

When joining AIM Global, the first thing you are told is that image is everything, you are told to buy the best clothing, suits to be specific. When you are smart, people will listen to you. Even when you approach your friends it’s easier to convince them to join. But the bottom line is, AIM Global is a scam, a big scam, never allow anyone to cheat you that they are doing well as members.