Here is The Man Conning People in Nairobi—Must Read!!!


Here is the man who’s conning people in Nairobi:

The guy pictured here, Telephone number 0700865985, is a con and a scam. He claims to be living a lavish lifestyle in Kileleshwa and is very good at flossing. He called me several times asking me to deliver three parfums to him when I went him photos on whatsapp he picked two one of which was very expensive. He asked me to deliver in Kileleshwa and I asked for the meeting point. He sent me the point to deliver between valley arcade and Methodist. When I called him to confirm his exact location he claimed he was driving. Few minutes later he calls to say he is heading to a restaurant near Yaya centre called Treasure Gardens for lunch and I should drop him the package there. At this point I become very suspicious but I still decide to deliver.

I arrive at the restaurant and find him in one of the hotel lounge-this hotel’s that have open areas and private areas. I find him very weird from how he presented himself to how restless he was. I asked him why he was hiding in this room while there were plenty of areas he claimed thats where he likes to hang out. I show him the package and he calls the waiter insisting that I have to eat lunch.

I adamantly refuse because lunch was not part of the deal. He insists and I tell the waiter not to bring me any food. The guy steps out and disappears for minutes pretending that he has gone to get the money which by the way he was claiming is in dollars. My gut was sending me all the signals and I instantly knew he was a scam!

I walk out of the area and go into the reception. As I was coming into the restaurant I met a long time friend so I knew he was within the restaurant. When I went to the reception I raised alarm and notified the waiter that the guy seems very strange and he has walked out. The waiter said he must be coming back because he had already ordered food. I seat down with my friend and we start chatting but I kept telling him this guy seems like a scam! He promised to stick around in case I needed help.

Our guy walks back into the restaurant and actually passes by our table pretending not to be seeing me. I follow him back into the lounge and I tell him to clear his payment with me because I was in a hurry. I am still holding very tight to my products and was very much alert in case he tried anything. He walks out again and sends me a msg to say he is coming back shortly he is picking someone. I walk back to my friends table and we sit and wait for the drama to unfold. He comes back in with another person who apparently was delivering t-shirts and jeans for him.

He convinces him to have lunch as he fits the clothes in the washroom. Guy packed the clothes in the bag and went and went for good! I am still holding on to my package. I asked this young man who had just delivered are you sure this guy is coming back? We step out and I go back to my friends table as he went looking for him. Then it dawns on us that he was a CON!! He went with goods worth 25k from the young man and left him the bill. He had ordered two full chickens and two ugali and two juices that his useless dollars could not pay. I thank God that he did not disappear with my products worth 17500. Seller beware if you happen to come across this face just keep your goods where you can see them and be on the lookout especially for online sellers.