How to reverse money sent to wrong Safaricom MPESA till number


If you have sent money to Safaricom MPESA till number, it’s possible to reverse but not easy as it is when you send to Safaricom mobile number. Reversing involving 3 steps:

Step 1

Call Safaricom through customer care number 100.

Step 2

Safaricom will hold the money in the till number not to be utilized, they will then call the owner of the till number to confirm whether they received the cash and to inquire whether they offered you a service. If the owner confirms that they offered a service, Safaricom will call you back to ask whether you were offered the service, if you say that you were not served, they will call the owner again to ask whether they will agree to reverse or not.

Step 3

The till number owner will be asked whether they will accept reversal or not, if they refuse to accept, Safaricom will finally call you to inform you to report to the police for a complaint.

Reversal from a till number is hard, the best thing to do is to confirm whether the money will be sent to the right till number before you send it, otherwise the reversal may be almost impossible.

When you realize that you have sent the money to a wrong till number,make sure you call the owner and agree, don’t threaten them, otherwise you’ll lose your money.A good person will return the cash.

Here is another process as explained by Safaricom:

“The payment will go to a wrong Buy Goods till. Request the customer to call customer care on line 100 or 234 for prepay customer and 200 for postpaid customers. You can also assist to call customer care on 2134 from the Lipa NA M-PESA till. Safaricom will contact the Merchant who received payments in error requesting him/her to initiate a reversal. There will be no cost or reversing payments to the customer and the Merchant In the event that you receive payments on your till in error, you will initiate a request to reverse the payments back to the sender by sending a text message to 234 from your M-PESA registered line that you registered as the number to be used to receive Payments collected at your till (s) The message will be in the format below: [Reverse] [Space][Transaction ID] e.g. Reverse XDE3457 send to 234 This will be an instruction to Safaricom to reverse Payments from your till to the sender. Such instructions will only be accepted if initiated from the Line registered as a settlement account for fund collected”