How to Reverse Money Sent To Wrong Safaricom Paybill Number


Reversing money sent to a wrong Safaricom paybill number is possible but it takes 3 steps.


The moment you have realized that you have sent money to a wrong Paybill number call Safaricom customer care through the number 100.

Step 2

Safaricom will hold the money not to be utilized by the recipient, they will take one to two days to call the recipient and confirm whether they served you.If the recipient says you were not served, they will reverse the money but if the recipient says they served you,Safaricom will call you back to inquire whether you were served.

At this time,the recipient’s call is put on hold as Safaricom inquires about the service you were offered.

Step 3

If you confirm that you were not served, Safaricom will call the recipient to confirm and if they refuse to reverse the money, you will be informed to report to the police for action.Note that once the money is sent to a wrong paybill number, it’s upon the recipient to accept or reject reversal, it’s usually hard reverse money sent to the wrong paybill number because it’s upon the recipient’s will that you can reverse, so it’s recommended not to send money unless you are sure of who will receive it.