List of Websites Which allow Kenyans to make money online


If you want to make money online in Kenya you have to look for websites which will enable you to generate income either through direct marketing, article writing, banner marketing or affiliate marketing. We have more than 100 websites in Kenya that allow students as well as graduates to make money while working from home.

Working online in Kenya can yield in excess of Ksh 50,000 per month and if you make blogging full time job, you are capable of making over Ksh 100,000 every month. To make it easy for you, we have a collection of websites that you will approach for income generation.

  1. 1XBET affiliate (Sign up here)
  2. Betway affiliate (Sign up here)
  3. Google(AdSense)
  4. YouTube
  5. Hivisasa (Contact them for article writing if you are a student)
  6. MGID(Sign up here)
  7. Taboola
  8. Outbrain
  9. ConentAd
  10. iWriter
  11. Upwork
  12. Freelancer
  13. Guru
  14. People per Hour
  15. Fiverr
  16. Jumia affiliate
  17. Kilimall affiliate
  18. Betin affiliate(Register here)
  19. KenyaPesa affiliate marketing program
  20. Topserve Limited Kenya
  21. Dafabet KE Affiliates
  22. Amazon
  23. Hawlast Ventures
  24. Webcom Kenya(Web hosting company)
  25. Amazon (Online store)
  26. Bismart(affiliate program)
  27. E-Mart Kenya
  28. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program
  29. com (affiliate program)
  30. Kenya Website Experts Ltd (affiliate program)
  31. Yllix Media
  32. Evadav
  33. Adsterra
  34. Infolinks
  35. PopAds
  36. RevContent
  37. PropellerAds Media
  38. medianet

Google has the best earning program called AdSense. This is one which almost every blogger in Kenya is using. They also own YouTube which displays advertisements where one earns through page views and clicks.

Amazon and Jumia are among the best in the e-commerce industry. For Kenyans you’ll start with Jumia affiliate program, then register for Amazon. But registering for Amazon from Kenya may be hectic because the company don’t accept affiliates from the country. The best strategy is to acquire an extension for US number and then apply for Amazon.

If your AdSense has not been approved,join MGID and start making money immediately(sign up here)

For online writing/academic writing,the best websites are:

  • iWriter
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • People per Hour
  • Fiverr

Try any of the mentioned websites above and give us the feedback.