How to Report Noise Pollution in Kenya


If your neighbour,club or a church is making noise, you can report them at Nema.The government institution has provided email addresses and phone contacts to use when reporting noise pollution.

In case you are faced with such incident ,report to the nearest NEMA County Director of Environment their contacts are available on the NEMA website; or call NEMA hotline 0786 101 100 or email to [email protected]

Below is a list of issues you can report to Nema:

  1. Blocked or diverted river
  2. Noise from churches, neighbours,clubs,illegal industries etc
  3. Illegal logging of trees
  4. Car wash or garage
  5. Soil from a construction site
  6. Illegal dumping site
  7. Excessive noise from quarry

The number to call is 0786 101 100