How to Dump a Cheating Boyfriend/Husband and Make Him Feel Useless, Wasted and Desperate


If you have a cheating husband or boyfriend and you want to dump him, don’t leave him feeling like a hero, dump him in a way that he feels useless, wasted and desperate. I will show you what to do.

Well, breaking a relationship is painful but when someone suffocates your happiness, the best thing to do is— the unthinkable. Never sympathize with a cheating spouse no matter how good he is. Cheating means being disrespectful.

A man who is cheating on you will most likely mistreat you especially when you depend on him for daily upkeep. When you notice that your boyfriend is cheating, the first thing to do is to prove beyond doubts that he is indeed cheating. Once you have proved so, pretend to be so good, treat him well as he mistreats you. Then wait until he breaks up with the other woman. I know after breaking up, he will return to you and apologize. Wait until he starts treating you well, then one morning, pack your things and go. He will never forget that treatment.

The worst mistake you can do is to consistently call the other woman to threaten her—that means that you are desperate. During the process of cheating, leave them alone to enjoy as you plan on how to handle the situation.

The second thing to do is, dump him immediately you learn he is cheating and start dating his best friend. You can even pretend that you are dating his friend so as to make him feel jealous. Whenever he calls, don’t pick his calls and if the friend is around, allow him to pick the calls. Men hate imagining their wives sleeping with their best friends.

Another strategy that has worked well is to wait until he is sacked, he is sick or down financially and emotionally, then one morning, wake up and go—don’t tell him you are going, just pack what belongs to you and leave. He will feel wasted and useless.

Got to court and demand division of property and upkeep money. Men don’t like when they hear that their women are demanding division of property and upkeep money, they will do everything to avoid that. Sending money every month to you will be sweet as he suffers emotionally.

Dump him, add more education, enhance your beauty and ensure you are looking and feeling good such that when he meets you, he regrets why he cheated. It’s common that when women divorce, they become more beautiful and confident. While you improve yourself, make sure he knows you are doing better.