“Ouch,Ouch Mimi Sitaki,Hata Hauna CD,Wacha basi nipinduke hivi unipige matuta,”Alilia huku akimshikilia,Nilifanya hiki


Mimi ni ndume,siwezilia kama mtoto hata kukuwe nini lakini sikuamini ni mimi last month when my wife decided to do me.I am always faithful to her,I love her and I wanted even to marry her in even but she managed to betray my trust,afadhali sasa nikule kwa macho kuliko kukaa na nyoka kwa nyumba.

Last month during Labour day my wife asked me to give her Ksh 1,000 for hair but I was broke.I was anticipating my salary but my employer had not credited my account.That morning she came while I was sleeping and asked me for Ksh1,000 so as to make hair and look like other women in the plot.Since I didn’t have I told her to wait until date 4 when my salary would be in the account.Alijibu huku akikasirika,”wacha tu,hata singekuomba”.I asked her,”hiyo ni nini umesema?”,she replied,”chenye umesikia”.Due to anger, instead of starting a fight, I wore my clothes and went to relax with my friends in Rongai.I sent my wife a message informing her I will be late that day.

I boarded a matatu at Nyayo National Stadium and went straight to Rongai.I got my friend preparing breakfast and since I was hungry, nilimwambia lazima nionje.We took tea and just relaxed in the sitting room.

While relaxing at the Sofa a call came and Joseph picked it.I heard someone telling him to go and pick his parcel from town Afya Centre.It’s that call that changed our program.My friend was forced to tell me to leave with him because he couldn’t leave me behind alone. I agreed to accompany him.

We boarded a matatu at Rongai stage heading to town. But on our way to town, at Nyayo roundabout, I saw my wife holding hand with another man while walking towards shell petrol station.I thought my eyes were deceiving me and when I looked the second time, it was indeed true it’s my wife. I felt jealous and even wanted to tell the driver to stop the manyanga. But since it was in full speed, I waited patiently for it to offload us in town.

Immediately we alighted, I told my friend I have something pressing, we should hurry up. Within 10 minutes we were at a booking station next to Afya Centre. He picked maize which was in the sack and left me to board a vehicle.

I went straight to Ambassador and boarded KBS.But what irritated me most was the way it delayed on stage, we waited for almost an hour for it to start the journey. I was finally happy when I arrived at Embakasi where I live.Lakini sikuwa na Amani kwa roho,nilikuwa nasikia uoga.

After alighting, I rushed to my house, I live in first floor. I thought I would not get my wife inside only to find something I didn’t expect.

Najua sio vizuri kusema nililia but hii siku sijui machozi ilitoka wapi.Kufika kwa mlango nilisikia masauti,” Ouch,Ouch Mimi Sitaki,Hata Hauna CD,Wacha basi nipinduke hivi unipige matuta”.nilifikiria naota,wakati nilichingulia kwa mlango nikasikia tena,”nitapata mimba,aki woye”

Hasira ilinisukuma nikajikuta kwa nyumba,ndio nikaona bibi amelala huku amemshikilia huyo mtu.Kuenda kuchukua panga nilikuta wamekimbia inje.Nilibaki kwa nyumba huku tumbo ikinisokota na uchungu.

Lakini kuna message bibi aliniandikia haikunifurahisha,eti hata game yako iko chini.

Mimi huyu ni bibi ya pili,wa kwanza pia nilimshika hivo nikamfanyia kitendo.

That evening my wife didn’t come,the following day the same until one week was over.When I tried to call her,the phone was off,she had blocked me.Since I had taken a loan to educate her,I didn’t want another person to harvest my sweat,I called Dr Mugwenu and explained to him what had happened.These are the contacts I had saved in my phone:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

I called his number +254740637248 and demanded that he discipline the woman until she refunds my money.Dr Mugwenu invited me to his office where I gave him the details he wanted.

Last week my wife called for the first time that her man wasn’t going to a toilet and her thing is growing too big every day.She also complained that she has been seeing periods for one week consecutive and that the hospital didn’t see any disease.Nilimwambia hadi anilipe pesa yangu ndio nimwachilie.

Alilipa jana na saa hii naskia mzuri.

Kama kuna mtu amekula deni yako call +254740637248 akusaidie vile alinisaidia.