How to Buy Second Hand Used Car in Kenya


Before you buy a second hand used car in Kenya, there are several things to know—make sure you follow these steps keenly before you make a grievous mistake.

Step 1: Inspection- Ask to inspect the car. Be sure to involve a mechanic and/or valuer. Do not pay anything.

Step 2: Verify ownership- get a copy of the original logbook and perform an online logbook search through TIMS. Ensure that the engine and chassis number have not been tampered with.

Step 3: Write an agreement of sale- ensure key terms and conditions of the sale are captured.

Step 4: Payment- standard practice is to make payment or a deposit before transfer of ownership is initiated.

A safer alternative is to deposit funds with a trusted third party pending transfer of ownership. This protects both you and the seller from potential fraud associated with counter-party risk. A third party can be a bank.

Step 5: Transfer of ownership- get the owner’s copy of ID and KRA pin and ask them to initiate transfer of ownership through TIMS and then accept the transfer on your end.

Step 6: Taxes and fees- pay the government its dues. The taxes and transfer fees are quoted on TIMS.

Step 7: The car is now yours. Purchase insurance and be on your way.