Kikuyu Radio Stations in Kenya


There are more than 5 Kikuyu radio stations in Kenya with the leading stations being Inooro and Kameme.Nearly 100% of the listeners are Kikuyu native speakers.

Inooro and Kameme FM were two radio stations taking a lion share, Kameme is listened by 45% of the Kikuyu population followed by Inooro with 42%, the other percentage goes to the other radio stations.

  1. Kameme FM

Kamame FM is owned by Mediamax Limited which is a company associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta.It was launched in 2000 and since then it’s popularity continues to grow.Among popular presenters at Kameme include,Benson Gathungu,Man Nyari,Kamau wa Kamlesh,Githaiya Denis and Muthoni Wa Kirumba.

Kameme is the most popular Kikuyu radio stations, it’s listened by more than 3 million people.

  1. Inooro FM.

The second most popular Kikuyu radio station is Inooro FM. The station is owned by Royal Media Services which is associated by S. K Macharia.This station was a big fish during Moi era but the entry of Kameme relegated it to second position in terms of popularity. But still, Inooro has more than 2 million listeners.

Some of the most popular Inooro presenters include Simon Mburu,Jeff Kuria,Benjamin Wangari,Muturi Wa Muiru,Julie Kamau and Kamau Wa Kangethe

  1. Coro FM

Coro FM is owned by Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and it broadcasts in Kikuyu language. Before Kameme and Inooro Coro used to be listened by almost every Kikuyu but life hasn’t been easy for the station. Coro is now a shell of its former self and is mostly listened by old men and women.

  1. Gukena FM

Gukena FM was launched a couple of years ago by Radio Africa,the media station that owns Kiss FM,The Star,MPASHO,Classic among other stations.The launching was great but it seems the stations is struggling to break even.

  1. Iganjo Fm

Iganjo Fm is a Kikuyu radio station which is less than 5 years old,it’s listened by a handful of people mostly around mount Kenya.

Due to the large number of Kikuyu who speak their native language,Kikuyu radio stations are more popular than radio stations from other tribes. In fact,Kameme Radio station is even more popular than K24.