Why handsome men marry ugly women


In every crowded street you pass, you must get a couple, an ugly woman with her handsome husband and you wonder why such a handsome man went for an ugly woman. There are numerous reasons why handsome men prefer ugly women over the beautiful ones and the reasons should be used by men who read this article to select their future wives.

  1. Beautiful women have many boyfriends

By the time a beautiful woman settles down as a wife, she must have slept with hundreds of men, handsome men being in the list. Since handsome men know the fact that beautiful women are free for all, they avoid them like a plague.

It’s common knowledge that beautiful women are irresistible and in most cases they are eaten by men of influence.

  1. They are not sweet in bed

Since beautiful women have slept with countless Men, they have lost the taste. These are girls who will sleep with you and tell you to inform them when you are through—they feel nothing. They have been dug and dug until they are just flat.

  1. They don’t want competition

Handsome men know that ugly women will be approached by few men, sometimes nobody approaches them. With that in mind, they will be comfortable owning the woman. But for beautiful women, even if they get married they will still be approached by other men.

  1. Submissive

Majority of the beautiful women are not submissive, they are proud, arrogant, unfaithful and hot tempered. But the ugly ones know that if they lose their men it would take a century before they get another one to marry them, they are therefore extremely submissive.

  1. Ugly women are very sweet in bed with a lot of friction

Ugly women have not slept with many men, what you get from them is soft, fresh and with a lot of sweetness. These women are only ugly from outside but when you enter them, you’ll realize you have been missing the honey.