Where to buy Mitumba bales in Nairobi


Nairobi is the only place in Kenya where to buy cheap mitumba bales. Of course you can buy in other towns but in Nairobi, there are many places to buy the same.

The biggest markets in Nairobi include Gikomba and muthurwa, here you will get brand new clothes as well as mitumba products. But there are other places within the town where cheap mitumba bales are sold.

Before you order for Mitumba bales there are several things to note first. The first thing is where the clothes are sourced from. This is important because some countries have better quality than others. Nowadays most clothes are sourced from China but if you get those from Germany, USA or UK, you’ll get the best quality. The second thing is the price, don’t make a mistake of buying without comparing the price among sellers. Some sellers will notice that you are naïve and exaggerate the price. You should also check for review of those selling the products. Nowadays the information is available online, just key in the name of the seller and you will get all the information you want online.

One real story happened a year ago, one of my friends took information online and contacted the bale seller. He was told to send Ksh 38,500 as a deposit so as to deposit the other amount when the products are delivered. The guy believed the seller and sent the money, woe unto him. After sending the cash, the seller switched off his phone. It happened later that the seller was a conman. My friends reported the matter to the police but nothing happened, he lost the money. What am I saying here, that before you commit yourself for delivery of bales, make sure you have in-depth details of the person you want to buy from.

For quality Mitumba bales in Nairobi, here are places to source them from:

  1. Gikomba

The most popular place for Mitumba bales in Nairobi is Gikomba.This is where you find over 100 traders selling bales.But before you engage any of them, make sure you approach small traders in the market and try to interrogate them on who is the best in terms of these products. Interview at least 10 of them and the name that’s mentioned more frequent is the one you should approach.

  1. Premium Mitumba Bales

Premium Mitumba bales is located at Digo Road Mumbai Mall.Digo Road is at the heart of Nairobi CBD.This is where you get bales sourced from China, Dubai, UK and Germany.the price will depend on the qualities you prefer,there is grade 1 to grade 4,the quality is based on the grade you select.

  1. Moi Avenue

Another great source of quality Mitumba bales are found at Moi Avenue. Just take a tour of Moi Avenue and visit any mall, inquire from the small traders, I am sure you’ll find the best quality bales.

Of all the places mentioned above, Gikomba is the best place to visit.

If you are a trader selling bales and you want your details to be put here, you can contact us on 0722927138 or send an email to [email protected]

Mitumba business is lucrative. With a capital of Ksh10,000 you can comfortably start this kind of business.