Why Poor People Give Birth To Many Children


Why do you think poor people give birth to many children? If you visit a slum where almost everyone earns below a dollar per day, you’ll be surprised that every mother in that slum has given birth to at least 3 children. If again you visit a leafy suburb which is dominated by the rich, you’ll realize the average family comprises of a father, mother and two children. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The only source of happiness for the poor is love making

The rich can afford happiness through going for holidays, eating good things in life, driving nice cars and owning property but for a poor man, the only pleasure he has is to sleep and make love.

Poor people have nothing else to make them happy except enjoying what is in the middle of the legs on daily basis.

  1. Church teachings

The church tells everyone to multiply and fill the world but it doesn’t give an estimate of how many children one can get. The poor are ignorant, they think just because they are told to multiply, they can do so at a chicken speed and God will be pleased. My friend, the suffering continues.

The rich know the consequences of having many children, they don’t give birth to many children sheepishly

  1. Family planning

Rich people are very sensitive and strict on family planning methods but the poor, though they have knowledge of the same, they leave everything to God as they give birth one child after the other until a football team is formed.

  1. Children are never a priority for the rich

The rich have different priorities besides giving birth. The mind of this person revolves around wealth creating and not children creation. But for a poor man, he believes by having many children, he will later get dowry or be enriched by the children.

  1. Time for rearing children

The wealthy don’t have time for taking care of children, you find the couple is working and nobody is around to take care of them. In a poor background set up, the man is the provider and in most cases he is the only one employed, the wife is just idling at home.