P1 Teacher Salary in Kenya


A P1 teacher at Job Group ‘G’ will earn Ksh 26,707 up from Sh16,692 which amounts to an increase by Sh10,015 from their previous pay. Those at Job Group ‘H’ commonly graded as ATS IV will take home Ksh 30,530 up from Ksh. 19,323. This translates to a jump by Ksh. 11,207.

On the other hand, tutors at Job Group ‘J’ commonly referred to as Graduate Approved Teacher III (GAT III) who have been getting a monthly salary of Ksh24,662 will now be walking home with Sh38,473, representing a pay rise of Sh13,811 while their counterparts at Job Group ‘K’ (GAT II) who have been earning Sh31,020 will now be paid Ksh48,391 translating to a leap of Ksh17,371.Job Group ‘L’ which draws educators from Graduate Approved Teacher I (GAT I) category will now secure Ksh56, 020 up from Ksh35,910 they earned previously, representing an increment of Ksh20,110 while a Senior Graduate Approved Teacher at Job Group ‘M’ who has been earning Ksh 41,590 will now make Sh 64,049 monthly accounting for a salary rise of Ksh 22,459. Principal Graduate Approved Teacher (PRIN GATIII) at Job Group ‘N’ will run away with Ksh74,213 up from Ks48,190, representing an increase of Ksh26,023. A Principal Graduate

Approved Teacher at Job Group ‘P’ who has been pocketing Sh77,527 will draw a good Ksh116,291, translating to an increment of Sh38,764.At the same time, Senior Principal teachers at Job Group ‘Q’ will now receive Ksh134,622 up from Sh89,748, translating to an increment of Ksh44,874 while Chief Principals at Job Group ‘R’ will carry home a cool Ksh. 163,634 monthly from an initial Ksh109,089, which awards them a salary rise by Ksh 54,545.

If you wish to join the teaching profession as a teacher,below is a table showing the salary scales for teachers at each job group.

Civil Service Job Group Teachers
Basic Salary Common Allowances Gross Salary
Min. Max. House Commuter Min. Max.
G P1 16,692 21,304 5,000 4,000 25,692 30,304
H ATS IV 19,323 24,662 5,000 4,000 28,323 33,662
J GAT III 24,662 29,918 6,000 4,000 34,662 39,918
K GAT II 31,020 41,590 10,000 5,000 46,020 56,590
L GAT I 35,910 45,880 20,000 6,000 61,910 71,880
M Senior GAT 41,590 55,840 20,000 8,000 69,590 83,840
N Principal GAT II 48,190 65,290 24,000 8,000 80,190 97,290
P Principal GAT I 77,527 103,894 40,000 12,000 129,527 155,894
Q Senior Principal 89,748 120,270 40,000 14,000 143,748 174,270
R Chief Principal 109,089 144,928 40,000 16,000 165,089 200,928