What Uhuru Said at Kasarani That Has Forced Tangatanga to Coil Their Tail


Uhuru was today bitter at Kasarani to the point of almost shedding tears as he addressed Tangatanga movement,Below is what he said in English:

“These people have been taking my silence for cowardice.

I will speak in kikuyu and they will take me nowhere.

They keep shouting how they will be powerful,am here to remind them am not their Kihii and they won’t become anything.

The road map I have made for my people I will still direct them, I will be going where these people have been going without any fear if they think I fear them.

My people will have to enjoy freedom 50 years and over moving forward they will go everywhere doing business.

These people thinks am silent, I only said I won’t do politics because am no longer interested with power but not that I fear them.

I even decided to quit social media. They thinks they are popular because they makes headlines but I will deal with them.They didn’t vote me am even the one who made them what they are today”