Why Couples Look alike


Do you know almost a quarter of couples on earth look alike? why? There are reasons why this is the case. Next time, if you see a couple looking alike, below are the reasons why:

  1. Environment

Since couples live in the same environment, same house and most of the time spend time together, there are high chances they will look alike. Environment can change the looks of a human being such that those who live in the same environment almost resemble.

  1. Men marry women who resemble their mothers

It’s not a secret anymore that men would tend to pick women who exactly or somehow resemble their mothers. Sometimes you’ll look at your brother’s wife and then compare with his mother and wonder whether that man married his sister—it happens more often than not.

  1. Exchange of body fluids

Love making results to exchange of body fluids, the more you exchange the more the physical looks between the two people bear similarities.

  1. Food

Another contributing factor is food. Couples spend most of the time together eating similar meals. Foods are the major cause of one’s body complexion and appearance. If a couple takes similar food for a long time, live in the same environment, share the same bed and exchange body fluids, they have to resemble.