Kisii Man in Tears After TV He Stole from a Businessman Got Stuck on His Back


There was drama in Kisii yesterday after a 33-year-old man was found with a TV stuck on his back.Otuke had stolen the TV on Sunday from a popular shop in Kisii but tables turned after the TV refused to be removed from the back.

The 10 kg TV became too heavy for Otuke, who was forced to rush to where he had stolen it for help.A crowd gathered outside the shop where Otuke had stolen the TV.Mr Mogeni,who is the owner of the shop said he couldn’t help the thief because he had paid for the service of protecting his business. Mogeni further explained that for Otuke to be helped,he has to pay five times the cost of the TV.

The thief’s relatives were called to the crime scene, they gathered in large numbers. Some called their relatives in the US who contributed a total of Ksh100,000.

After the shop’s owner was given the money,he called the traditional doctor to do his things.Dr Mugwenu came,poured a concoction on Otuke’s  back which resulted to the TV falling with a thud.Otuke was seen breathing fast and furious as he swore not to steal again.

Later,villagers,including business owners asked for the traditional doctor’s contacts,which are:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


#### if you want to protect your business, call the number above—thieves will be caught red handed!!!