Top Blogs in Kenya 2019


When it comes to top blogs in Kenya for the year 2010 we consider most visited blogs in the country as well as the richest blogs in 2018 we listed top 10 blogs in the country where Tuko, Ghafla, Venas News, Mpasho, Nation, Standardmedia and Kenyans were featured. It seems the list won’t change much because we don’t have new entrants.

It seems only a few bloggers in Kenya would compete with established blogs which are owned by top media companies in Kenya. The most saddening thing is that most blogs don’t survive beyond two years because the owners are not patient enough for success, implying that it’s only traditional blogs that will dominate the list of most visited blogs even in the foreseeable future.

The most popular blog in Kenya ,,receives 32 million to 40 million visitors per month and its monthly income is in the region of Ksh 7 million. Nation and tuko follow closely with 30 million to 35 million monthly visitors.

Below is a table showing full list of top blogs in Kenya for the year 2019

Standard Media 40 million 7 million
Nation 35 million 6.5 million
Tuko 30 million 4 million
Citizen TV 20 million 2.5 million
SDE 15 million 1.5 million
Kenyans 8million 800,000
Ghafla 5.5 million 1.5 million
Venas News 3 million 1.2 million
Mpasho 3 million 600,000
Kenyamoja 2.5 million 700,000
Kenyaplex 1.2 million 200,000

We have left out betting sites like Sportpesa, Betin and Shabiki because they don’t generate regular content—they are offering services for money.

Some of the blogs to watch include Mpesacharges, Victormatara, Information cradle and Softkenya.

Though most of the top blogs in Kenya make between Ksh500,000 and Ksh 5 million, there are bloggers in the country who make as little as Ksh1,000 per month. Blog income is determined by factors like; page views, revenue streams and expenses. Tuko may earn more than Venas News when we consider the total income but after deducting the expenses, Venas News takes home more. Kenyaplex may receive 1.2 million page views per month but since they depend on AdSense as a sole source of income, their income is significantly less in relation to other top blogs.

I know of several sites which receive less than 200,000 visitors per month but are making over Ksh1 million. Such websites sell products through affiliate marketing. You know, with affiliate marketing, your site can receive 3 visitors per day and manage to sell one item costing Ksh500,000. If the commission is 10% it means that person goes home with Ksh50,000 that day.

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Blogging is a profitable venture, it brings passive income, I mean money you can earn while sleeping. When you are a blogger, you can work from anywhere without anybody shouting at you.