How to activate lipa na Mpesa till number


Once you have acquired your MPESA till number, the next step is to activate it.All you need is your business number and the procedure of updating the till number.

The first thing you should know is that each MPESA till number has its own business number. The moment you receive the till number, ensure you also receive the business number because it’s the one you’ll use to activate your till number.

To activate your MPESA Till number, you have to visit Safaricom customer Services so as to be given a new line which will be used to receive money through the till number. Make sure you have details of your till and business number, you should also carry your National ID and the phone number you used to acquire the till number

Safaricom will activate the till number within 10 to 20 minutes.

Note that the line for your till number cannot be used to make calls.

If you want to know the line is working, dial *234# and click enter. A new window will appear requiring you to select the option you intend to use.

These are the available options;

  1. 0: Fuliza
  2. MPESA Products
  3. My MPESA information
  4. M-PESA Agent Services
  5. Merchant Services
  6. M-PESA Promos
  7. M-PESA Services
  8. Bloom IPF