Tribes in Kenya Where Women are Allowed to Marry Other Women


Do you know there are tribes in Kenya where women are allowed to marry other women? About a year ago, a woman by the name Josephine discovered that she was barren. All efforts to get a child bore no fruits. Josephine approached her husband with a proposal to bring a visitor who would stay with the family forever. Shocked, the husband asked, “which kind of a visitor?”. Prepared for the worst, she replied, “you know my condition, I want to bring a co-wife”. A long silence filled the room, then the man cleared his throat, “if that’s the case, I have no problem”

There are many such cases in Kenya especially where the couple is unable to bear a child.

Below is a list of tribes where women are allowed to marry other women:

  1. Kiss
  2. Luhya
  3. Luo
  4. Kalenjin
  5. Turkana
  6. Maasai

If you come from those tribes and you realize that your wife is barren, you can tell her to bring another wife for you.