Facts About Fixed Matches


Do fixed matches exist? Here are facts about fixed matches, where to find them and how much they cost.

  1. Fixed matches exist but not available for tipsters

Fixed matches exist based on circumstances but the teams fixing the games do it silently. Tipsters will learn of the fixed matches after the match is over. To know that they exist, you can see consistence of scores by specific games. You’ll find the following trends:

2010 2 0
2011 2 0
2012 2 0
2013 0 2
2014 0 2
2015 0 2
2016 10 11
2017 0 0
2018 0 0

From the result above, you’ll notice that there is a clear pattern, meaning that the games are fixed. If you spot such a trend be careful when placing your bet.

  1. Tipsters who claim to be having fixed matches are scammers

The first thing you should ask any tipster is whether they have fixed matches or not. If someone tells you that their matches are fixed, ignore that persons—he will scam you. Nearly all tipsters have analyzed matches but since they know gamblers don’t want to lose their money, they cheat them that they have 100% fixed matches so as to capture the attention of their potential clients.

  1. There are strict laws that govern matches and scenarios involving fixed matches.

There are several people who had been convicted after being involved in fixing matches. Nowadays people fear to talk about it openly because they know what might befall them. There is no sane person who will sell fixed matches to careless bloggers who can reveal the information to the authorities.

  1. Those claiming to be selling fixed matches are living from hand to mouth, they can’t afford the price of fixed games.

The crooks who claim to be in possession of fixed matches live from hand to mount, they live in slums, others in terrible conditions. We know that fixed matches can cost up to thousands of dollars. Where can a pauper get the thousands to buy fixed matches. To make matters worse, the tipsters are local youths who don’t even have access to top managers in clubs…they simply don’t have the network to enable them access the fixed matches.

  1. Fixed matches are rare

You will find someone claiming to be having a fixed match every day, who on earth would believe such a liar?!!!Fixed matches are rare, in a month you can only find one or two fixed matches.

If you get someone who claims to be having fixed matches on daily basis, ignore that scammer completely.

  1. Fixed matches are never advertised publicly

The people who have information about fixed matches would not come in public to advertise that they have fixed matches. The only people who can know of fixed games are players and top managers. If you get someone on telegram or Facebook claiming to be selling fixed matches, shut them up.

  1. Only analyzed games exist

Honest tipsters sell analyzed matches. The most experienced ones are 90%-100% accurate. Never believe someone who tells you that their tips are 100% accurate from Sunday to Sunday. Since it’s people who are playing the games, any match can yield any result, so there is no way you can be 100% sure all the time.

  1. Where to get well analyzed betting tips

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