Cost of cremation in Kenya


If you don’t want to bury your loved one in Kenya, you can cremate them.The cost of  cremation depends on the age of the deceased. Cremation fee for an adult is Sh16,800, Sh14,800 for a child and Sh12,800 for infants.

There are two places where cremation takes place in Nairobi, Langata Cemetery and Kariokor.Langata is the most popular because it’s cheap. It costs between Ksh 12,000 and Ksh 20,000 at Langata while in Kariokor, cremation cost can go up to Ksh50,000.

Some of the most popular figure who have been cremated in Kenya include Wangari Maathai and Bob Collymore.

Cremation is better than burying someone in the compound. With cremation, you forget as quick as possible but the buried loved one in the compound brings bitter memories. Burying also takes a bit of space which could be utilized for other activities.