Here are 15 good reasons why Ruto will not be president in 2022

  1. Ruto began the succession politics too early without blessings from his boss – Uhuru Kenyatta.
  2. He is in conflict with more than half of the cabinet without knowing that the CS are appointees of the president
  3. He distrusts services of the DCI and other powerful power brokering institution heads
  4. He is mentioned in major corruption scandals
  5. He undermines the handshake between Raila and Uhuru.
  6. He openly attacks major community political Kingpins who should endorse him at community levels
  7. He responds to every single political attack against him making him contradict himself
  8. He has chosen to work with few charismatic, broke and insensitive polititians eg. Aisha Jumwa, Audi, Murkomen, Waititu, Manok,
  9. The assassination claim which he failed to give evidence. The claim shocked the Mt Kenya region where he thinks “kuna deni”
  10. Jumbing from one part of the country to another in what he brands “development tours” without approvals from his boss
  11. Openly engaging negatively the leadership of the ruling party Jubilee.
  12. His several attacks on the only political enigma in the world _Raila Odinga, who taught him politics
  13. Too much drama. Acts which Rob presidency dignity. Eg eating anything anywhere to please what his head calls the hustler nation
  14. Unexplained wealth attained within the period he has served as the DP
  15. Unexplained source of money he dishes in churches nearly every weekend.
  16. He is uncomfortable with people loyal to Kingpins and Uhuru Kenyatta.
  17. ………. (You can add to this list)

Ruto must go back to the drawing board. Let him ask for guidance from Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. His education, wealth, charisma and gift of speech mean nothing in becoming president of the republic of Kenya in 2022