How to check your HIV status at home using eggs


Scientists and doctors have just discovered a means of checking your HIV status by yourself at the convenience of your home.

TAKE NOTE: The results takes a very nervous long time.

But with this simple technique, you can check your HIV status and know yourself.

Remember do not be afraid of the outcome results.

Having HIV is not the end of the world.

That you haven’t had sex before or you trust yourself is not a guarantee that you are free from the virus.

HIV is transmitted in other means a part from sex.

You can google other means of conducting HIV.

So enough of talks….. Let’s do this.

Follow the steps below to do this successful:

Step 1:Buy two eggs. Clean ones of course.

Step 2:Wash jour saucepan and dry it with a napkin.

Step 3:Beak the two eggs and pour their contents into a clean dish.

Step 4:Stir it well. Add few slices of onion, or any vegetable of your choice.

Step 5:Place the saucepan over fire and pour allitle cooking oil on it.

Step 6:Pour the mixture into the boiling oil on it.

Step 7:Turn it properly when it hardens.

In five minutes, your fried eggs is ready.

Get some tea and bread.

Eat and go to hospital for a HIV test, stop being dumb!