How to Win a Kisii Lady Within 3 Minutes


If there are people who play so hard to get, it’s Kisii ladies, but there are tricks to as so as to win them within 3 minutes.

If you have never dated a Kisii lady, you don’t know what patience means. Most of these women are average but when you approach them, they behave as if they are the best thing that ever happened to men on this world.

To win a Kisii woman, here are simple tricks to use.

  1. Pretend that you are SDA member

Almost all Kisii ladies fellowship on Saturday. These girls date and marry their fellow SDA members. If you are not a member of SDA,it would be difficult to win a Kisii girl.For the sake of winning her, pretend even for a few weeks that you are a staunch Christian and that SDA is your church, the will accept you immediately.

  1. Feed her to the fullest

Kisii women love food, when she comes to your house, make sure you feed her well, buy bananas, sweet potatoes, mandazi, maziwa mala and juice. Once full, you can do anything to her, she is happy.

Never bother to buy Pizza and expensive food because most of them may not even it those things.

  1. Promise to marry her,buy her even a fake ring

Unlike Kikuyu ladies who don’t value marriage to the extent of giving in because of marriage promise, Kisii women love marriage. If you tell a Kisii lady that you will marry her, she will jump up and down —she will do anything and everything so as not to lose you.

  1. Visit her home

The moment you visit a Kisii woman’s home, baas, you have won her heart. The lady will be convinced that you will marry her and give in; you can do anything you want and disappear if you wish.