Why Most Kenyan men fear marrying from These tribes


Every tribe in Kenya has beautiful women you can marry but there are negative traits among women from some communities that scare away men. If you are a man and you wish to marry, it’s important to know this.

  1. Kisii women

Kisii women are good at gossiping, they can talk about anybody and everybody the whole day. Though they are motherly, their low ability in bed scare away men. If there is a woman who will tell you,”ukimaliza uniamshe”,it’s a Kisii woman.

  1. Luo women

If you don’t want to die of pressure, don’t marry a Luo woman. Luo women love good things yet most of them won’t help you in creating wealth—their work is to squander whatever you earn. If you deny a Luo woman money and good food—generally good life, she will move to the next man, whether married or not.

  1. Kikuyu women

Kikuyu women will help you make money but once you have become rich, you must be extremely cautious. Make sure you give her part of the money you have made together, otherwise you’ll know why donkeys don’t have horns. By the way, most apartments in Nairobi, Kiambu, Nyeri and the surrounding environment are owned by Kikuyu widows. Maybe their husbands died of old age or terminal illness.

  1. Kamba women

Kamba women are beautiful, social and good in bed but there is one downside that is common among majority of them, faithfulness. If you are married to a Kamba lady and by accident God tells you how many men she has slept with while in marriage, you won’t believe your ears. If a Kamba lady, whether married or not, is approached by any man of means, chances of rejecting that man are less than 1%.

  1. Luhya women

Luhya women are generally good, they are motherly, they know how to cook, they know how to please a man but when it comes to gossiping, they are number 1. My friend, you can’t trust a Luhya woman even if she is your wife, she will bad mouth you out there, exposing you to opportunists. One thing most men don’t want is their secrets to be revealed, but when a Luhya woman is excited during gossiping, she will empty everything.