My Father Married My Ex-Girlfriend as Second Wife, What Should I Do


I am Omweri from Kisii.My mother died last year August after suffering from breast cancer for several years. It hurt my father so much that we had he was unable to do his chores normally.

Since last year my father has been living alone, but something strange happened last month. While I was seated with my friends in Keumbu I saw my father walking alongside my ex-girlfriend. I thought they were going different ways only to see them wearing sweet smiles and chatting intimately. I felt jealous and decided to follow them and see what they would do next. My father escorted my ex until their compound. Since I didn’t want them to see me, I just returned home dejected.

The problem is that my father is not aware that I dated Abigael.Last week while we were taking supper, he knocked at the door.We were eating eggs,Sukuma and ugali,the food was nice. Looking up I saw my ex carrying a huge bag while my father pointing at an empty seat,”go and sit there “.I started breathing faster ,I obvious expected the worst. After two minutes of silence,he opened his mouth,”this is Abigael,she will be helping me with work, please welcome her.Omweri,tomorrow you can show her the kitchen and the compound so that she can get familiar to this place”.

My father takes alcohol and most of the time he is not around,he leaves me with Abigael at home.since she came I have started being attracted to her again,I don’t know what to do,please advise me.